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Telling a story

When you book one of our Trampers online, the day after your booking you should receive a request to fill in our feedback form.

Please fill it in! It’s great to find out more about how our Trampers are used: it helps us make plans for the future, and it helps us tell a story to the funders we ask to support us.

And it makes us all happy! Sometimes people will even send us photographs and quotes to share - and they are the stories you’ll see in this blog.

As Sharon, from Whinlatter Forest, told us: “We all do our utmost to ensure the tramper users and their families have the best experience possible, so it's particularly rewarding when they take the time to write a review. I think I speak for us all when I say the people we meet via the trampers really do 'make our day', with humour, friendliness and personal anecdotes!"

If you'd like to fill in a feedback form for a recent visit, just click here


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