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Outdoor Mobility Walk-In Membership and Booking

Please only use this form if you are not able to create and buy a membership online.


We want to make as sure as possible that the Tramper scheme is suitable for you before you become an Outdoor Mobility member and set out for your first Tramper adventure. To do so, please read the following statements and tick all the statements that apply to you.


These statements will form a part of the Terms and Conditions of your membership with Outdoor Mobility:

The registration can only proceed if all the boxes are ticked to confirm that the statements apply.

If you cannot confirm each of these statements the Tramper scheme may not be suitable for you.

Feel free to contact us to discuss why this may be.

Please note, memberships are individual and are non-transferable. You must inform us if there are any changes to you medical circumstances as detailed above before hiring and/or using a Tramper.

Hire Site Location
Which Type of Outdoor Mobility Membership do you require (and email payment link will be sent to you for you to pay this fee online after your hire session):

Thank you for submitting this form. We hope that you enjoy your Tramper Hire Session today.

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