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“We just love our walks out together now”

They’re on a roll! Here’s a couple who are ready to make the most of our Trampers – and we can’t wait to hear more about their adventures.

When Heather and Colin got in touch to say how much they’d enjoyed using a Tramper, we emailed to ask if we could share their story.

Already they were out on the trails once more – and emailing from their adventure! “As I am typing this, we are currently at Sutton Bank once more enjoying a picnic which my husband Colin would never have been able to access,” Heather wrote.

The couple found out about the scheme when visiting Dalby Forest – soon to be a Lake District Mobility Tramper site. The very next day they joined the membership in order to visit Sutton Bank.

The day after tha they were already at Ravenscar riding the Tramper there! “Can’t wait to head over to the Lakes and explore some more,” said Colin.

“Of course we just can’t wait for Cropton and Dalby to be up and running,” said Heather.

Colin has had heart failure for a number of years, and Heather would often have to walk alone whilst he sat and enjoyed the views. “We just love our walks out together now,” said Heather.

The couple are a real inspiration to anyone wanting to explore more of our beautiful countryside.


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