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The Bell family on a roll at Whinlatter

We were happy to hear from the Bell family after their recent visit to Whinlatter Forest Park.

Dad, Philip, had always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors with his family and walking the dogs throughout the Lake District. However, with declining mobility and a MS diagnosis 5 years ago, visiting the outdoors became increasingly difficult.

Determined not be beaten by his diagnosis, Phil went to visit Whinlatter on a conventional scooter. Conventional scooters are not built for the rough and challenging terrain, however. With pains in his body from the rough ride and the scooter’s motor burnt out, Phil thought the outdoors were now out of reach for good. In his own words “all the enjoyment of being out and about was quickly taken away from me”.

The launch of Tramper hire scheme in Whinlatter changed everything. Phil soon became a member and was finally able to get around the forest. As the Tramper is made for rough surfaces, he can get out in the forest without experiencing extra pain: “I was now able to appreciate the views and spend quality time with family and friends again. Our youngest son is no longer missing out on time in the forest with all of the family. Gone are the days where I would be left sitting at home or in the café, it’s great being able to keep up with everyone again!”

Phil describes himself a regular visitor to Whinlatter Forest and he is, in fact, our most frequent and regular Tramper user. An expert hand with the Tramper, he was happy to commend the scheme telling us that “nothing is a problem to the staff at Whinlatter Forest and the process of hiring the Tramper is really simple and convenient. I would definitely recommend Lake District Mobility to anybody with mobility problems and it has certainly improved my life for the better.”

Phil’s wife, Michelle, has seen the benefits of the scheme too: “this has given Phil a massive boost mentally as he now doesn’t have to miss out on all the fun. Lake District Mobility has certainly improved our family life.” The best sentiment comes from son, Jake, though: “Lake District Mobility means my Dad can go out into the forest with me again. It’s great that my Dad can see the forest wildlife and walk our dogs with me“.

We are absolutely delighted for Phil and his family and wish them many happy days out and about.


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