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Thumbs up for Tramper from this mother-daughter team!

Our colleague, Penny, and her daughter Ilsa had a day out with a big difference when Ilsa tried a Tramper for the first time at Whinlatter before Christmas. The weather was cold, but the staff at the visitor centre lent Ilsa an extra coat and she made use of the spare gloves in the Tramper’s glove compartment. And despite having difficulties with her fine motor control, Ilsa found operating the scooter very easy.

Penny too was pleased with the Tramper. As she says: “I can say that it is the first time we went out together in the countryside without me being exhausted! Normally I use her off road wheelchair and it's an incredibly strenuous job pushing an adult uphill. I'm fairly fit - I trail run in my spare time - but uphills are hard and it makes any countryside walk a hard slog. It was lovely to be able to walk alongside her without saying 'now, don't talk to Mum now, because we're going uphill and I can't speak and push at the same time'!”

According to Penny, Ilsa is “looking forward to trying the other Trampers but specifies that THIS WILL BE IN THE SPRING WHEN IT IS WARMER”. Well, we cannot argue with that and we wish Ilsa and Penny kind weather and many more Tramper trips to come!

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